You Have To Sign A Waiver Before Entering This Terrifying California Haunted House

17th Floor – The Extreme Haunted Attraction

Tustin, California’s extreme horror attraction the “17th floor” isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to sign a waiver before even going in. The haunted-house creators have constructed a perpetum penitentiary, it’s a horrifying maze that takes over 30 minutes to get through. That doesn’t include being harassed by inmates, being manhandled by guards, and having to jump into a pitch black area. They have loud music, strobing lights, and other things that will somewhat destroy your senses. You won’t walk in laughing and smiling, you’ll walk in worried you won’t make it out.

In past years they had some extreme props and decorated rooms. One room was made to look like a filthy locker room, it had freezing meat locker with real pig carcasses. In another room they drown you in a plastic ball play-pen. In that same room a lady comes at you with dead fish and a corndog. There’s also a room with tons of cockroaches on the floors and walls. This extreme horror attraction is not the kind of place to go if you scare easily.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts?

Check out the 17th Door 

Source – FTD NEWS

Extreme Horror Attraction or Legal Torture?

There are many that don’t agree with the idea of this haunted attraction. The reason being is the explicit nature and the over the top attractions. The extreme horror attraction dives into a real life horrors as they showcase their sadistic creativity. They don’t only utilize touch, they use every other feeling in order to make you as uncomfortable as possible. The key is to make people want to quit, make them hit their breaking point. Some say this is too far, but the haunted house has a huge list of rules and regulations.

They aren’t going to let anyone in like a regular haunted house. But if you are able to get in, be prepared to experience something like you’ve never experienced before. And if you scare easily or get mad at little things, this place might not be for you. Let us know your thoughts on it and if you would go.

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