5 Extremely Cursed Dolls

5 Extremely Cursed Dolls 

If someone gave you a doll to give to  your child as a present for a birthday or a Christmas present and it had a creepy aura behind it would you keep it ? What if there was something odd about the doll, something that you couldn’t figure out but something that gave you a sickening feeling, would you be nice and give it to your child or hold on to it in order to get rid of it?

Most people would probably let their child keep the doll and play with it, but what if strange things started happening around your house ever since you get the doll, would that change your position just a little bit?

Most would probably still let their children keep the doll and play with it and probably not thing twice about it. However, these dolls are a bit different in the sense that BAD things tend to happen to all of those who are around it. 

These aren’t the type of dolls you would want just hanging around your house, check out the video and find out  why! 

5 Extremely Cursed Dolls 

SOURCE – Terrifive 

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