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5 Dark Disney Park Secrets 

Have you ever been to any of the Disney parks like Disney World Or Disney Land? It's a magical place full of what most kids and even many adults as a dream land. It's pretty much where you go to escape from reality, you get to into your wildest dreams and live them out in this magical place. They have anything and everything that you could think of, it's pretty much your dreams and fantasies brought to life.

It's where you can escape reality for a day or two or even more than that depending on how much you're willing to spend. But even with all the happiness that the parks give out to its patrons, is there something else hiding in the shadows?

Like what?

 An ominous side full of dark secrets, or could it all just be stories? Every place no matter how glorious and nice they are have some kind of secrets lurking within it's shadows. 

In this case it's the place that most of us as children see as a dream, and most of us as adults still kind of see it that way until we get there and spend a ton of money, then we see it as a money trap. 

That's besides the point, but with so many visitors each year going in and out of the parks, there's bound to be something strange and something serious going on behind the scenes. This is the case for this video, you'll see some strange and questionable stuff that has happened and still remains at the park. 

5 Dark Disney World/Land Park Secrets


Would you still visit the theme parks? I did and I know I still would, but would I be thinking about them a little bit differently? Yeah just a little… 

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