5 Mythical Creatures That Might Be Real

5 Mythical Creatures That Might Be Real 

Could Monsters Be Real?

Here's a scary thought, what if theres actually is a sea monster so big that it could sink an entire ship without much of a problem. If you in fact knew this was true and that it was out there, would you still take a trip on a cruise ship?

Now that's something that I would have to think about, but what if there were monsters in other regions of the world that are real and not just myth? For centuries and in some cases even longer there have been stories of monsters, could these monster stories have some truth behind them?

Now we all have seen a ton of pictures and videos of creatures that are supposed to be real, but most of the time these videos are just elaborate hoaxes. There are a few pictures and videos that make us scratch our heads because they can't be debunked as a hoax, but most of the time most of the videos and pictures are fakes. But what if we found real proof that one of these if not all of these creatures exist, would the world be ready for something like that?

Good question! 

Check out this video and see what you think, could these creatures be real?

Video Source – The Storyteller



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