5 Scary Stories That Are True

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True Scary Stories 

The Scary Truth

What happens when fiction and reality meet, what happens when your sense of CONTROL and SANITY gets taken away from you? Most of us enjoy being scared or love going to scary movies, but in those situations we know that everything is fake, we know that we're in control of the situation so it's all fun and games. But what happens when that sense of comfort gets taken away and everything becomes uncertain?

We drown in fear and those fun time becomes an uncomfortable situation that we can't handle, all of the sudden the fun isn't fun anymore and we look for that comfort and control. You probably wouldn't want to be scared anymore, and you probably wouldn't think it was fun either. 

Living In A Haunted House 

Now I don't know if many of you have ever lived in a haunted house, but what if you did and you couldn't move for some reason, what would you do? Some try to ignore the fact that a house is haunted and they just go about their daily lives, others simply can't handle it.  

Here are 5 terrifying stories that were actually true, when you hear them try to not get too scared by them, because in reaitly if it happened to them it could honestly happen to you as well! 


5 Haunted Scary Stories That are True 

Source – Dorset Ghost 

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