5 Of The Most Terrifying And Real Ghost Stories Ever!

5 Real And Terrifying Ghost Stories 

5 True Ghost Stories 

Now we've all heard of ghost stories that are suppoedly true, some of them are pretty terrifying and others are just so so stories. Well then again I don't think they were so so stories to the people it happened to. But when you hear stories like these the foot steps and things of that nature become childs play. Now we found this channel through a friend of ours and we have to admit there's some pretty good stuff on here. 

We usually don't get too scared by the things we see or hear, but these stories actually creeped us out. I wonder what the people that went through it are like now, or where are they actually at. If something like this actually happeend to me, I don't think I would EVER be able to go to bed again, let alone go inside somewhere that could or may be haunted. 

Have you ever been somewhere that was haunted? Have you ever had an experience with the unknown or the paranomal that made you quesiton things? 

Many of us have had something happen to us that we can't really explain, but these stories are a bit of a stretch, check out the video by The Storyteller and you'll see what we mean! 

Let us know your personal ghost stories in the comments section! If you have a video of a ghost or something be sure to send it to us or leave you email address in the comments and we will contact you! 

5 True Ghost Stories 

Video source – The Storyteller 

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