This Mysterious Island Is Off Limits To People And There’s A Good Reason Why

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The Secret Of Plum Island 

Most of you reading this have probably heard a thing or 2 about the mysterious island known as Plum Island. In recent years a few very odd creatures have washed up on shores that are pretty close to this island. Some are saying that these odd deformed strange creatures are experiments that went wrong on Plum Island. Supposedly these creatures escaped and somehow found their way to the ocean where they went in too far and drowned. 

Now this is just speculation and the truth probably won’t ever be revealed, I can see it now “In the news today there’s all kinds of strange mutations on “Plum Island“.  Yeah that day will probably never come so the story will continue on until who knows when.

The odd thing about this island is that not much is know about the island or what’s really going on there. Some are saying it’s like the movie Resident Evil, that some group is working on some crazy mutations and horrible genetic code type stuff. 

Whatever is going on there it’s probably not a good thing at all, but who knows maybe they’re working for the common interest of the people and working for good. 

Whelp at least we hope so! 

Check out the video we found by Alltime Conspiracies 

The Secret Of Plum Island

Source – Alltime Conspiracies – 

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