8 “Kid Friendly” Toys That Are Strange And Creepy!

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8 Kid Friendly Creepy Toys 

There was always that one certain toy that we received as a Christmas or birthday present when we were a kid that we simply didn't want to touch. There was something about that toy that we didn't like, something rather odd or creepy about it. Maybe it was a doll or a toy that looked at you in a certain way that made you cringe, maybe it was something else that someone made that scared you a bit. It could have been a book or a video game that we played that made us feel odd after doing so, whatever the case we all had that one thing. 

We usually threw it in a closet or in a corner somewhere we wouldn't run into it, and we simply tried to forget about it. But for some reason it always seemed to pop back up at times we really didn't want it to. This is the case of 8 toys that were supposed to be for kids but were rather odd and a bit creepy, I still don't get why parents would by this kind of stuff. When I buy things for my child I sit and think about all angles, will they be scared, will they like it, will they play with the box more than the toy itself? 

I'm sure most of you already do the same thing, but then you have certain parents that don't, but to each their own…. 

What was the creepiest toy that you ever received?

Check out this video by Mr Nightmare and let us know what you think! 

8 Kid Friendly Creepy Toys 

Source – Mr Nightmare- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6GbikiEi_I

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