8 odd and creepy secret rooms found in homes

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8 odd and creepy secret rooms found in homes

Imagine buying what you think is your dream house, a few weeks in you start to hear noises and think “oh great, my house is haunted”. But then you notice the noises happened around the same time of the day.  Ghosts don’t care about the time of day and are active whenever they feel like it, so you start to get a bit more worried.

You begin to look around and find a secret door that you weren’t ever told about. You open the door and find that there’s a secret room, and even worse you find that someone’s been in this room recently.

How would you feel if you found this in your house?

There are some people who have been living in places for years and find secret rooms like this. They even find people have been living in these rooms for years on end as well. What would you do if you found someone living in your house in a secret room?

Here are 8 creepy stories of this happening

Source – Mr Nightmare – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvWY3JOVwX0

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