8 Of The Super Eeriest Recordings You’ll Ever Hear

Decibel Peak // Twisted Time (Tease...
Decibel Peak // Twisted Time (Teaser) #shorts

Super Eerie Recordings

 Depending on where you’re at or what you’re doing you may have heard something that gave you the chills. It doesn’t have to be something of a paranormal nature, it can be someone said or something you may have heard that made you stop in fear.

Every now and then we record things, it could be a children’s sporting event, or it can be something you’re trying to record at a park. Then again you may be a haunted location or somewhere else trying to record voices from the great beyond. But what happens when you accidentally record something that you didn’t expect to hear.

Now when you go to a haunted place you expect or kind of want to hear something spooky. But what if you’re totally caught off guard and record something so eerie that it scares the wits out of you? Then it sticks in your mind and you can’t get it out of your head, but I’m a firm believer that if you go looking for something you should always be ready for the consequences it comes with.

Check these out and try not to get too freaked out!


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