A 4k Walk-through Inside One Of The World’s Most Frightening Asylums

A Haunted Walkthrough

The Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital has been called one of the most terrifying places in the world according to CNN. The South Korean facility already has had a very creepy reputation for being insanely haunted and for being a hotbed for paranormal activity.

There are legends of some rather mysterious deaths, and stories of insane doctors that were even crazier than the patients inside of the asylum. However not all the stories are true, and since the place is already a hotbed for the paranormal, it’s also surrounded by some spooky folklore.

There are a lot of theories on what caused the facility to up and shut down out of the blue. But what is known is that it was mainly due to the economic, sanitary, and sewage issues. What is also known is that the patients weren’t treated the best. There were a lot of reports of mistreatment and poor sanitary issues that lead to health problems in some of the patients.

Most Haunted Location In The World

Since its closing, there have been thousands of explorers making their way through the rusting facility. With so many people going through the location, there’s bound to be some stories of ghosts right? Well, there are some very frightening stories, so scary that the place was even used for a movie. Today we are going to take you on a first-person journey. We found this video by …………..  Showcasing the Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital, so let us know your thoughts and if you would be brave enough to walk around by yourself at night.

Video source – Cinesim Media

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