Strange And Creepy Random A Spooky Look at Salem, Ma. Most ‘Haunted’ Places To Visit

A Spooky Look at Salem, Ma. Most ‘Haunted’ Places To Visit

A Spooky Look at Salem, Ma. Most ‘Haunted’ Places To Visit post thumbnail image

Salem’s Most Haunted Places

Salem, Massachusetts is not only one of the oldest places in the United States, but it’s almost home to the Salem Witch Trials. Over 19 people were killed for being accused of being witches.

With so much mystery and lore, Salem is loaded with places that are beyond haunted. You also have to imagine how many people have passed through or lived within Salem since it’s inception.

Many say that there are more ghosts than people in Salem and that you don’t have to go very far to find a haunted place. With so much history in one spot, you’re bound to have energy that’s left behind.

Could it be residual energy that haunts Salem or something else? Could there be intelligent presences or shades of tragic past events that still linger in the air? Some say it’s a bit of both, some locations have ghosts that are aware of the living. Other locations have residual energy where bad things happened.

Check out this video we found by AmysCrypt and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – AmysCrypt

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