A Spooky Walk-through Sleepy Hollows ‘Hollywood Graveyard’

Sine Washing Irving’s famous story Sleepy Hollow has been a must see location. But the town isn’t just a story of a ghostly rider terrorizing the town. It’s actually said to be insanely haunted because of all the history behind it.

Some say the town has more ghosts then it does living people. Others say you can’t find a place in town that doesn’t have some kind of story. But then there’s Hollywood Graveyard. There are numerous creepy stories of entities, full body apparitions, lights, and other creepy things being seen or heard in the cemetery.

The cemetery is shrouded in stories and mystery, but will forever remain famous because of Washington Irving’s story. Numerous people have done investigations at the cemetery. Check out this video we found by HollywoodGraveyard and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – HollywoodGraveyard

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