A Creepy Inside Look At The Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer

Halloween Kills

Nothing official on a real trailer has been officially announced as of yet. However, as of right now we do have the teaser trailer to look at. From the looks of it, Halloween kills looks like it’s going to become a classic. Test screenings for the movie already have had a ton of positive remarks and fans are excited as ever for the new film. Even the stars of the film say that this is going to be the most intense film of the entire series.

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Many have commented on how gory the 2018 version was but according to some people this new movie will make the 2018 one look like a pg13 movie. When actor Robert Longstreet Hall spoke with Bloody Flicks, he had this to say.

“I don’t think I can say anything about Halloween Kills except it might be the nastiest of all of them”.

Longstreet will play Lonnie Elma, the kid who was Tommy Doyle’s childhood bully. It looks like he will finally come face to face with Micheal, and it probably won’t end up well for him. There will be flashbacks to the 1978 film and those flashbacks could be pretty intense and gruesome. In the meantime check out the teaser for the upcoming film.

Are you excited to see it?

Video Source – ONE Media

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