Strange And Creepy Haunted World,The Paranormal A Look At Zak Bagans “Demon House Documentary” The Lost Footage

A Look At Zak Bagans “Demon House Documentary” The Lost Footage

A Look At Zak Bagans “Demon House Documentary” The Lost Footage post thumbnail image

The Demon House

If you don’t know about the Gary, Indiana demon home from some years back, you’re in for a terrifying surprise. Everyone Is all talking about the infamous “Conjuring home” but many have forgotten the home that was known as “the portal to hell”.

Video Source – Inside Edition

The home was being rented by a single mother and her children. The things they experienced where enough to cause some serious nightmares. Even law enforcement and state child service officials had the scare of they will never forget.

During one of their home investigations one of the children starting acting very strange, then something terrifying happened. He started walking up the wall backward while mumbling some strange things. Another occurrence happened when they found that the walls were actually leaking but there wasn’t any source of water.

They found some very creepy things in the basement as well, and eventually, the family moved away. Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures ended up buying the house where he planned on filming his demon documentary. That only ended with a lot of problems behind the scenes and in the home. He eventually tore the house down because of all the activity.

So the house was torn down, but did they ever rebuild in the same location? If someone gave you that land for FREE would you take it?

Video Source – Inside Edition

Video Source – Brittney Crabb

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