A New Exorcist Sequel Is Reportedly In The Works

The Exorcist Sequel

If asked which horror movie or what character from a horror movie freaks you out the most, many would still say the possessed girl from The original Exorcist movie. Even though the movie came out in 1973 the iconic demonic girl’s creepy features is one that we believe will be forever timeless….. in the fear department!

Not too long ago a virtual reality game was released based on the series. Now the producers are working on bringing a sequel back to the big screens. According to WGTC the sequel will focus on the possesed girl Linda Blair’s granddaughter.

Hopefully we will hear something concrete in the near future. The original movie had a lot of problems including multiple injuries. There was a lot of weird things that happen around the set during filming. In the age of reboots it’s no surprise that The Exorcist will get a sequel.

Check out this video post of the evolution of the series by Darwin’s Media

Video Source- Darwin’s Media

So do you think this is a good idea?

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