A Safe And Awesome Alternative Halloween Activity For Kids

Halloween Egg Hunt

With so many places cancelling Halloween events and trick or treating because of the Covid19 pandemic. We have to find safer alternatives for our children so they can still have a lot of fun during Halloween. So we’ve been searching a lot for ideas so you can implement them into your Halloween. Today we found an awesome video by ‘It’s Me, JD’ showcasing a Halloween egg hunt.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners
Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Easter egg hunts were cancelled this year, so most kids didn’t get a chance to enjoy egg hunting. Why not create your own Halloween egg hunt instead? You can have your kids dress up in their favorite costume and make a day out of it. It’s also a way to maintain social distancing while having a good time this Halloween season.

Check out the video we found by It’s Me, JD and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – It’s Me, JD

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Image Source – It’s Me, JD

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