Baltimore’s Most Haunted- The Admiral Fell Hotel

The Admiral fell hotel Baltimore

Known as being one of Baltimore’s most haunted locations, the Admiral Fell Hotel is located right next to the sea. Since the early 1700’s its been an important spot because of its convenient location. A lot of ships came and went from this port. It was a place where sailors could stay at when they would come into the harbor from a long voyage. 

The area back then was rough and full of drunks,debauchery, fights, prostitution, and even numerous murders. Gangs ruled the area for a very long time. Those times are long gone, but many say that the spirits and entities from that period are still around. There are 7 buildings that make up the Admiral Fell and at one time one of the buildings was a YMCA.

Eventually It fell into disrepair and then finally into the hands that transformed it into The Admiral Fell HotelNow the hotel has many reports of strange things going on there, from apparitions, to footsteps, things moving, odd smells, laughter when no one is around and much more.

A news broadcast from Baltimore showcasing the haunted Admiral Fell 

A show called Ghost Detectives at the Admiral Fell


Check out their site here >>>>

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