A&E Revives ‘Ghost Hunters’ But Adds 4 More Paranormal Shows!

If you are or used to be a fan of the hit show ‘ Ghost Hunters ‘ you’re going to be in for a treat. The A&E network has decided to bring back the series that produced over 230 shows in its 11 year run.

According to the network the paranormal shows did REALLY well and want to bring Ghost Hunters back as well as ‘Psychic Kids’ and ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’. They have 2 other new shows in the works and promise fans will like the spooky mix.

The reboot of Ghost Hunters will include Grant Wilson, but won’t be like the old show, they’re going a different direction this time. They will go out and seek people who are being haunted or tormented by the paranormal and attempt to help them.

They will seek out historians, forensic experts, and more in attempt to get to the TRUTH of the matter rather than just get the ” Oh did you see that” like others do.

The new Ghost Hunters will premier August 20th and will run for 20 shows. Who knows how the new show will take off and if it will be received well by audiences.

What are your thoughts on this? Check out the video promo by A&E and let us know your thoughts!

Video source – A&E

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