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Alternative Theories, The Sinking Of The Titanic

It’s probably the most well-known luxury ocean liner in history; the Titanic was a ship like no other of its time. The doomed voyage that it set out on is still being talked about until this very day, but now some odd theories have been popping up.

Some say that the disaster was set up and that it was all about collecting a very large insurance claim on the ship. The problem was that the plan didn’t go as expected and the ship actually wasn’t supposed to sink at all, it was just supposed to take on water and get back to shore without any casualties.

Others say that the Titanic wasn’t even the ship that it was suppo0sed to be. It was another ship that had some previous problems but was due to time constraints was labeled as the Titanic and sent out on a voyage.

So are any of these theories real?

Check out the video and find out

Alternative Theories, The Sinking Of The Titanic

SOURCE- FederalJacktube

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