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If you’ve seen some of our past posts, you already know we search far and wide for some cool things to post about. It just so happened that someone sent us a message about this. We thought, na,….. Something like this can’t exist, but we were wrong.

Amazon’s new bracelet is like your personal fiance, fitness instructor, therapist, and more all wrapped into one bracelet. The only difference is when you start doing something you shouldn’t be doing, it SHOCKS you!

Now it’s not an insane amount of voltage that’s coming out of this thing. But when you do get shocked, you’re certainly going to feel it and not like it at all.

Do we think it will actually help? Yes and no….

Reason being is that if you don’t use it for more than 30 days, you’re not going to develop a habit around it. Most of us will just get tired of the dang thing shocking us all of the time and take it off.

But some of us will use it and actually follow the plan and create a habit out of it. Then they will get to the level of success they’re striving for. Anyways this thing is kind of cool.


Check out the video we found by Haki Social Media and let us know your thoughts

Video source – Haki Social Media

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