The Dark History Behind This California Hotel Inspired American Horror Story

The True Story Behind The Cecil Hotel

If you’re an American Horror Story fan and ever have wondered if the hotel in season 5 was based on something real, well now you’re about to find out the truth. The “Cecil Hotel” is located in Los Angeles, California and has had a strange and downright scary array of suicides and murders. For years it’s been the center of some rather odd and creepy controversy.

It’s known for being a location where tourist and the rich alike frequent, but within its history there have been a few very tragic and downright scary things that have happened there. Some say there are some very dark forces that reside in this hotel and that it’s the reason why some of the bad things have taken place here.


There have been numerous reports of ghostly activity going on within the walls of the hotel. Some residents have even left early because of the spooky activity. Not all of the rooms and locations within the building are haunted but a large number of guests have reported hearing and seeing some rather odd things.

The oddest case has to be  that of a young woman by the name of Elisa Lam who was found drowned in the hotels water tank on the roof  under incredibly odd circumstances. The hotel is also known for being home to serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. It was also the last place that Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia was seen before her unsolved murder.

Could this place be saturated in negative energy?

Could it be that there’s something MORE to it all or not?

Check out the video behind this place, it’s rather creepy to say the least!

The True Story Of The Cecil Hotel

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