Strange And Creepy Random The Amityville Horror House For Sale Again!

The Amityville Horror House For Sale Again!

The Amityville Horror House For Sale Again! post thumbnail image

The Amityville Horror House 

Would you buy this house?

One of the most infamous houses on the planet " The Amityville Horror House" is up for sale once again. The list price for this spooky house is a mere $850,000. The house has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a boat house, a boat slip, and a 2 car garage. The house was the site of the infamous murders where a man killed his 4 siblings and parents as they slept in their beds. The house became famous after a book and a movie came out about the paranormal activity that supposedly was going on within the house after the killings.

There's been a ton of speculation whether or not the place is actually haunted the way some think it is. Some say that the house is haunted but that there isn't any ooze coming down the walls, demonic entities, and other horrible things. But the real problem the house faces is not from ghosts, it's from the people who come to see the house and do investigations. Numerous people have been chased away by previous owners and even by the police because of its infamous past. 

Would you buy this house?

Here's a video behind the dark history of the house by Elon Musk

Video Source Elon Musk

A Virtual Walkthrough Of The Amityville Horror House by Mcandic

Video Source Mcandic

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