This Sleepy Hollow Halloween Event Showcases Over 7,000 Carved Pumpkins

The Halloween Pumpkin Experience

New York’s Sleepy Hollow holds an even like no other. It’s an awesome spectacle of 7,000 carefully carved pumpkin creations. I don’t mean the basic designs you used to do when you were a kid. I’m talking about some creations that would take your breath away.

You’re already in Sleepy Hollow so that gives the whole festival an even more creepy Halloween type of vibe. The blaze takes you along a stroll around some paths and a bridge. There’s even a pumpkin carousel and activities for all ages.

The other good news is that you’re only a matter of a few hours or less away from Salem, Mass. So if you’re planning on taking a spooky vacation here soon, this may be an option for you. There are also other various Halloween activities that you can partake in. This year they will be having some that were cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

Will The Event Happen This Halloween?

With the rise in cases of the pandemic, it’s hard to tell what will happen by Halloween. However, the event organizers are planning on having the event once again this year for the 2021 Halloween season. Check out their site for more information, be sure to bookmark it so you can keep up to date with their information.

Check out their site here > Great Pumpkin Blaze

Check out the video we found by Joey Contino and USA Today and let us know your thoughts…

Video Source- Joey Contino

Video Source – USA Today

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