An Inside Interview with Alex Curcio From Psychic Kids on A&E

Bill from PSPR Paranormal Pursuit did an interview with one of the kids from A&E’s new paranormal show Psychic kids. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s about children that help others kids develop their psychic gifts.

A lot of these kids are afraid at first, heck do you blame them? I mean imagine seeing people and other things that no one else can see. Imagine feeling like you were crazy because you can things others can’t see. In this show kids help other kids develop their gifts and use them in a positive way.

Children are way more open to the paranormal world than adults are. As they get older most kids kind of shut off that gift, but a small percentage don’t. Some kids abilities grow as they get older, and so does the fear from not understanding what they’re seeing and why.

In this interview you’ll hear about the show and also get to see a guest appearance by Chris Fleming.

If you don’t know about PSPR Paranormal Pursuit check out their YouTube channel. They have a ton of good stuff like interviews, investigations, and more!

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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