An Inside Look At The History Of The Ouija Board

A Game Or A Device For Evil?

Since most of us can remember, anytime the Ouija board is brought up there seems to be a sense of division between people. The people that believe it’s just a game, and the others that believe it’s a device for evil forces.

Throughout the decades there have been numerous movies that have showcased the board in a very terrifying way. But some think the board is just a game and nothing more.

Could they be right?

There are others that say they have had some very BAD experiences with the board and that the board preys on the innocent. Personally I wouldn’t use the board because I know a few people who have had some….. well let us just say very terrifying things happen to them while using it.

Now I have met others who say nothing has ever happened, and that they have used the board on many occasions. But whatever you choose to believe is up to you. But do you know where the board actually came from and how it became so popular?

If not check out the video below we found by Crypticc and let us know your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on it?

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  • Debbie

    When I was HS age @ camp, a group of us played on the Ouiji board. I asked it a question and it answered with me barley touching the planchette. Mind you, the question I asked, no one I was with would have known the answer, so when it moved, it freaked me out and I immediately stopped playing. That was it. Is the board real or fake who knows, but I don’t choose to challenge it either.

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