This Museum Would Make Harry Potter And The Sanderson Sisters Smile

Witchcraft And Magic Museum

Located in the village Boscastle in Cornwall, south-west England is the Museum of Witchcraft And Magic. It houses exhibits devoted to Wicca, Freemasonry, ceremonial and folk magic. The museum also boasts to being the largest of its kind in the world.


It was founded in 1951 by magician Cecil Williamson and also holds an exhibit of his own personal collection. The museum which is held in high esteem by the British occult community and many others from around the world is pretty amazing. It holds large library on related topics which is available to anyone who visits.

The museum also has a lot of various artifacts and has a section that is devoted to the witch trials and the extreme paranoia that lead to the death of a lot of innocent people. They also have a section on the distinction between religious Satanism and the distinction between it and modern Pagan witchcraft.

Tarxien Temples

It’s one of those places where you might go expecting one thing and you come out totally surprised. You’re not going to go into a door and walk into the world of Harry Potter. You’re also not going to walk into this place and get turned into a toad or sacrificed to some deity. So if you’re ever planning on a visit, go with an open mind and prepare to be amazed.

Want more information on location hours, prices, and so on? Check out their site here> The MUSEUM OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGIC

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