Halloweentown Is a REAL Place And You Can Visit!

Inside Halloweentown

If you grew up watching Halloweentown and wished you could visit somewhere like that, well now actually can. The small town of Saint Helen, Oregon loved the movie set up so much, they recreate it every year with different special events.

The tradition started back in 1998 when the movie first came out and has actually grown larger ever since. Every year they have some kind of theme for various events and this year is supposed the be largest.

They also have a haunted house and just about everyone gets into the Halloween spirit and decorates their homes, and businesses. It’s the kind of place where someone who really LOVES Halloween dreams of.

So if you love the movie, the Halloween season is the perfect time of the year go and visit some of the iconic locations showcased in the movie. You never know who you might run into, some celebrities have been seen in and around town this time of year as well!

Check out these videos we found. One is of The Princess And The Scrivener showcasing their trip. The next video is some photos taken by LarryLomax of various places in town and decorations.

Want to know more about Halloweentown’s events? Check out their Facebook page here > Halloweentown

Video Source – The Princess And The Scrivener

Video Source – LarryLomax

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