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Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

The Oldest And Most Haunted Inn On The Planet

Built-in the year 1145, the Ram Inn is called ancient for a very good reason. It’s one of the oldest, if not the oldest overnight spot in the world. The place has an extensive history, some which are very dark and terrifying. There are stories and tales of human sacrifices, devil-worshiping, and other evil things. There have also been a lot of various strange rituals that have occurred inside and out of the old inn.

There are countless stories of evil are spirits that live inside of the place as well as outside. Stories of warlocks, evil witches, cruel people, and others have filled its history. You have to also think of the countless people who have walked in and out of this place.

Some think the reason the place has had such a long run of paranormal activity is because of the location. The ancient Ramm Inn sits between energy lines that spirits and other entities can draw energy from. It’s sort of a conductor for spiritual energy, a battery they use. The crazy part is the stories of ghosts and phantoms have been around since day one.

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It’s said that the current owner’s first experience there was a frightening one. He said that he was staying the night in the Inn and in the middle of the night he was grabbed and pulled across the floor!

Now why would you even think about buying a place where something like that happened to you?

Would you stay the night in this place?

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