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Are Ghosts Real?

Is There A Logical Explanation?

So there have been countless debates and logical arguments about whether ghosts are real or not, some say they are and others say they aren't. But even those who don't believe in ghosts don't have any kind of explanation as to what happens when we die. Everyone speculates what will go on but no one really knows, that's the mystery of life and death, but the real question is this…..


Are we even supposed to know what happens next?

Everyone has their own personal opinion and theory as to what's going to happen in the next plain of existence, but none of us honesty know. Could there be an awesome place in the sky that all good people go to, and a dark scary place that all the bad people go to?

Check out this video and see what you think! 

What do you believe?


Check out the video by Paranormics 

Video Source – Paranormics


One thought on “Are Ghosts Real?”
  1. You say science has no tools or devices that can detect ghosts, yet ghost hunters use gadgets unproven to try to detect them.
    What happens after we die? Our bodies rot. Our consciousness ends.
    There is no evidence supporting an afterlife or anything supernatural. The notion on a god, a devil, and an afterlife is a primitive one born out of fear and a way to explain the world around us. It’s easier to take the death of a loved one when you believe some part of them survived death to live on forever rather than accept the fact they no longer exist other than a rotting corpse in the ground.

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