Are You Afraid Of Clowns?

Are You Afraid Of Clowns?

Are Clowns Really That Scary?

Clowns are supposed to bring joy and happiness to the world, but recently there's been a rash of scary things revolving around bad people who are pretending to be clowns. Just recently a warning was issued in Ohio that people dressed in clowns were trying to lure kids into the woods with candy.

In other states there's been reports of clowns doing robberies and other criminal acts. Should we ban clowns all together or should we put a tighter leash around the wackos that are using these outfits in order to live out their sick and demented thoughts? There people from both sides of the spectrum who are arguing for and against all of this stuff.

But not all clowns are out there trying to do bad things to people, some clowns are actually still trying to spread some joy to kids and adults alike. Why should we punish those who do this as a profession just because there's a few bad seeds out there? I don't think it's really fair to those who do this on a regular basis as a job.

There are those who love to do this because they love the  joy that comes with dressing up as a clown. I think this is only a fad that will go away in due time, but some say it won't, but just look at all other fads that come and go. I don't think people are going to make this a full time thing, especially when they KNOW they're going to eventually get caught if they're doing something unlawful and immorally wrong. What do you think?

Check out these videos and see what you think.

Are you afraid of Clowns?


Video Source – NBC NEWS


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