Looking For A Creepy Getaway? Australia’s Most Haunted Town Is It

Australia’s Most Haunted Town

The small town of Kapunda, Australia is said to be Australia’s most haunted town, and for a good reason. The mining town first opened its hotel in 1849 and was the site of several murders. Numerous guests have reported seeing a woman in a white dress walking around. Others have seen spectral entities and claimed they heard disembodied voices coming from empty rooms.

Kapunda’s pub is said to be the most haunted pub in all of Australia. The infamous man in black is said to be roaming around the halls of the pub. Patrons and workers have both had experiences with the man in black and other ghostly figures. Could the ghosts of the past still be wandering around the grounds of this town? 

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Check out this first part of a documentary on Kapunda by  789films789  we found!

Youtube – 789films789 

Video Source – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours

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