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The Ghosts Of Over 60,000 People Could Be Haunting This Kentucky Sanatorium

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Kentucky  If you’re familiar with haunted places, chances are you’ve heard of Waverly Hills. The location is no stranger to paranormal investigations. Shows like Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, and others have done investigations. Many people have said to have had some

This Cemetery Is Home To One Of The Most Authentic Ghost Photos Of All Time

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Bachelors Grove Cemetery Not too far from Chicago is the village of Midlothian, Illinois. It’s home to one of the creepiest places in the United States, Bachelors Grove Cemetery. There are a lot of creepy and somewhat disturbing legends and stories. It’s the kind of

A Terrifying Look Back At The Gary Indiana Demon House

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The Gary Indiana Demon House  The World’s Most Haunted House  Now when you think of Gary, Indiana, the world’s most haunted house isn’t what comes to mind. A house that’s haunted with more than 200 demons isn’t even in the top 100 things if you’re