Strange And Creepy Random Banksy’s dismal bemusement park

Banksy’s dismal bemusement park

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Banksy's dismal bemusement park

Banksy a well known artist who has been in trouble a few times with the law because of his art tactics has come up with something that some say is disturbing, it's Banksy's Dismal Disney. The place looks like something that you would imagine a nightmare of Disney World or Disney Land looking like. Imagine going into the movie Silent Hill and seeing a copy of Disney Land, that's what it looks like.

Some people are calling it "The United Kingdoms Most Disappointing Tourist Attraction". Now while the artist didn't create this place as a way to trash on Disney, he's just expressing his creativity through some things that happened in the past that were ugly. One being the death of Princess Diana, and there are those that say that it wasn't an accident, but we'll leave that for another post.

There are also many other exhibits by around 50 artists or so around the park. People can come and take part in games and tour the park. Banksy wants to keep creating more things and adding it to the park, while some aren't happy there are many who love the idea. Some people say it's a dark and disturbing place, and that it's not a place that you would want to take children.

Childhood dreams crushed or artist expression?

Some are saying this is the ultimate form of expression through the harsh reality of things in this world. Now while many people say that they WOULDN'T support the place, there are many who are.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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