Ben Stiller In Talks To Play Jack Torrance In The Shining Stage Production

Ben Stiller As Jack Torrance

When you think of Ben Stiller you think of movies like “Zoolander” or “Something About Mary,” but what about Ben Stiller as Jack Torrance? Some people don’t know what to think of this, and we are some of them. Now we know Ben Stiller is really good in uncomfortable situations and can play a variety of roles, but usually, those roles are funny.  When you think of Jack Torrance, almost always Jack Nicholson comes to mind, but there was also Steven Webber who placed the iconic role.

Now, this won’t be a movie but a stage adaptation, so for those of you who are freaking out thinking it’s a new movie, it’s not. Ivo Van Hove is set to direct the adaptation which he says will be much closer to Stephen King’s own work. I don’t know about you all, but I think “The Shining” did pretty well with that.

The synopsis for the stage adaptation will follow the same premise as the movie. So if you’ve seen the movie and are a fan of it, I think you can pretty much expect the same thing for the stage play except Ben Stiller as Jack Torrance. The plans are to have it open in London’s West End in January of 2023. 

Check out this video we found talking about it, let us know what you think in the comments section.

Video Source – Miami Geeks
Video Source – Tenacious Defense

Video Source – Pix11News

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