A Creepy Inside Look At Maryland’s 1# Haunted House – Bennett’s Curse

Bennett’s Curse Haunted House

Bennett’s Curse haunted house is one the largest haunted houses on the East Coast. This place sits on a 40,000 square foot location and has every in decorated in some kind of way. Bennett’s Curse is well known for it’s wonderful array of different props, make up and top notch performers and actors. They also have a show that’s new for 2015 called “Legends Of Halloween”, an it’s been rated 1of the best if not the best Halloween show in the world. Each year the set up gets larger and more complex, more actors get added and the budget gets bigger. So you know this year is going to be better than the last.

They’re set up is designed in a way that will make your senses go through the roof. They use some of the best costume designs on the planet, they have these monsters roam around scaring people who are waiting to get in. The spare no expense when it comes to all of the props and designs, and this is why it’s one of the best haunted houses on the planet! You’ll be sure to forget where time went when you visit their haunted house. It really takes you out of your senses and enters you in a world of fear and excitement.

Check out the videos here 


Source – Bennets Curse Haunted Attraction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCiI6BoXmCM

Check out their site here>>> www.bennettscurse.com

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