Build-A-Bear Releases ‘Christmas Vacation’ Cousin Eddie Bear!

Cousin Eddie’s Bear!

If you LOVE Christmas time and Christmas movies, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the iconic movie ” National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” more than a few times. It’s the movie where Chevy Chase has his entire family over for Christmas and nothing but chaos happens. One of the funniest characters in the movie is ‘cousin Eddie’ who is played by Randy Quaid.

Well this year Build-A-Bear has unleashed it’s own version of the iconic character. The bears outfit is a white robe with a green hat with flaps over the ears. It’s the same outfit that cousin Eddie wore when he unleashed his most famous line “Sh***ers Full”.

The limited edition bear will only be available throughout the holidays and is set at a price tag for just over 50 dollars. The bear also has the iconic movies logo stitched on it and it comes with black shoes that go over the green patched feet.

This bear makes an awesome gift for anyone who loves the movie and it’s iconic lines. You can purchase the bear through Build-A-Bears site here > Cousin Eddie Build-A-Bear .

Now that they made this one, I think they should make a Clark Griswold bear. Or what other character would you like to see them make from the movie? Are there any other movies that you would like to see Build-A-Bear make?

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