Strange And Creepy Movies The Bye Bye Man, Will It Be Good Or Bad?

The Bye Bye Man, Will It Be Good Or Bad?

The Bye Bye Man, Will It Be Good Or Bad? post thumbnail image

The Bye Bye Man 

Will You Watch The Bye Bye Man?

There's a movie coming out this coming December called " The Bye Bye Man". Supposedly it's a story of a creature or thing or entity that supposedly makes people do bad things, and I mean VERY BAD THINGS! Now from the trailer which you will see in a little bit here, the story is supposed to be something similar to Sinister, and Freddy Krueger. There are a few other scary movies that are similar to this as well, but supposedly this one is supposed to stand out among the rest. 

We will see about that! 

Now the part that bothers me is the claim that they're making that it's based on true events. I've done some research and haven't found anything that suggests such a thing. Could it be that when they make these movies they tend to throw something in like that to make it even scarier? 

Good question! 

If any of you have any history behind this so called true events it's based on, let us know! Will we be watching it? Of course we will, we watch anything and everything horror so we really can't say anything bad until we watch it! 

Anyways, check out the trailer we found by Movieclips trailers and let us know what you think 

Will you be checking it out, YES or NO? 


Video Source – Movieclips Trailers 

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