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A Human-Sized Spider Web Was Found In a Missouri Forest

Human Sized Spider Web It’s not the kind of place you would expect to find a Halloween decoration. Wait a minute, that’s not a Halloween decoration, that’s a real spider web! The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Francis Skalicky found the human-sized spider web on a

You Can Spend Halloween Night Locked In a Haunted Jail Escape Room

The Haunted Halloween Escape Room If your idea of Halloween is spending the night in an escape room, this is right up your alley. Located about an hour from Toronto in Cobourg is the King George Inn. It’s the only escape room you can stay

The Original Hocus Pocus Was Much Darker And Had A Different Name

Hocus Pocus The iconic classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus is a favorite for many of us. But how many of you actually knew that the original title was something different? How many of you knew that the story behind it completely changed because of some

This Haunted Forest Halloween Light Show Looks Like Something Out Of A Tim Burton Movie

The Halloween Forest With Halloween fast approaching, you can feel the spooky vibe in the Autumn air. This year’s season will be a bit different because of the pandemic. However, there are those that are still going to celebrate the Halloween season. Michigan’s Glenlore Trails,

The 12 Foot Viral Halloween Skeleton That Keeps Selling Out

The 12ft Giant Skeleton Every year during Halloween there’s always one décor item that goes viral. Thanks to a Tiktok featured video, this year’s viral Halloween décor is a 12-foot giant skeleton. The video showcased the giant skeleton strapped to the top of a Mini

An Old Interview Of Ed Warren Giving An In-Depth Tour Of The Occult Museum

The Warrens Occult Museum The famous paranormal investigator‘s Ed and Lorraine Warren amassed a large collection of haunted and cursed objects. Things they collected at various places they had gone to help others at. These aren’t your average ordinary collector’s items, they’re cursed and haunted

This Former Asylum Turned Haunted House Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

The Scariest Haunted House In The South As we get closer to Halloween, there are already a lot of haunted houses and events that have been cancelled. However, there are those like Florida’s Scream-a-Geddon that is still going to happen. Scream-a-Geddon is one of Florida’s

Cow Emerges From Ocean, Could This Be The Strangest News Of 2020?

The Year Of Odd News 2020 has been one of those years we all would like to forget about. When you think things can’t get any stranger, each month brings us something crazier. First, it was squirrels catching the bubonic plague. Then killer kittens and

2 pythons weighing 100 pounds collapse kitchen ceiling in Australia

Pythons In The Kitchen An Australian man had the shock of his life when he returned home from work. He walked into the kitchen and saw that his ceiling had collapsed under the weight of 2 huge pythons. Apparently, the 2 pythons were fighting over

Los Angeles County Bans Trick Or Treating, Is Halloween Cancelled?

Trick Or Treating Cancelled 2020 has been a year of fear and uncertainty. So much that the entire year has become a meme too many people. When the pandemic first started, those who love Halloween already knew it was going to be in trouble. Now