The Cauldron Bar- This Magical Place Is a Must Visit For All Witches

The Cauldron Bar NYC

Enter All Witches And Wizards

They always say if its been thought of and created, it’s probably somewhere in New York City. Well that’s the case of New York City’s “The Cauldron” bar. It’s a bar like none other. The entire experience brings you to a whole new level of magic and wizardry. From the moment you walk into the door, you’re immersed into a world like none other.

From the start you’re introduced to your potion master who guides you on a journey to create your own magic potion aka your drinks. The entire place looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. From the decor to the attire that the staff wears.

The other cool thing about this place is the fact that the drinks you create there can’t be found anywhere else in the world. So in a sense you are creating a potion that is one of a kind. I mean think about how cool it would be to actually create your own drink that could possibly bubble, fizz, and so on.

Looking to visit and need some info? Check out their site here > THE CAULDRON

Check out the video post below we found by Localish and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Localish

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