Celebrities And Their Past Lives

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Celebrities And Their Past Lives 

We've all heard stories about past lives and people who claim to have lived before. Now supposedly we've all had past lives of some sort or another, but the problem is that none of us can simply remember them. We may all have a dream or 2 that hints back at a past life, but most of us just dismiss these dreams as that and nothing else. Could there be some truth behind our dreams and past live recognition, and if it's so why are we here over and over living different lives?

What's the point?

I guess if we could answer that we would probably hold the key answer to life and what it's all about. Will we ever know the truth behind it all? That's a good question and it will probably be revealed to us when we make our next journey. We probably don't have the capability and understanding in our current form to comprehend what this is all about and what's the point. Anyways, it's hard to deny that some people look JUST like others who have lived before, could it just be that there's a certain amount of people and what they look like? Like a certain amount of combinations for looks and things of that nature?

If that's the case then these are very believable, but if not could it be something else, maybe these people are actually vampires? 

Yeah…. Anyways check out the video and let us know what YOU think! 



Source – Beyond Science  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IejTis9N1aU

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