Charles Manson’s Ashes Used To Make Controversial Masks

3 years after his death, the infamous Charles manson is still terrifying many and intriguing others. This time it’s in the form of masks, yup you heard that right masks. But these aren’t any type of masks, they’re masks made from his ashes and blood.

Wait what?

‘Dad’s Ashes a Brick’ Post

The creepy collaboration was set up by mask designer Rick “Sik Rik” Fisher and artist Ryan Almighty.  Just a year or 2 ago a painting was sold to Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures of Charles Manson. The painting was created with blood and his ashes. However this time there are 2 masks created in the likeness of Manson that are made with the same materials.

There are a lot of people who are upset that these masks were made. Sik Rik told “Rolling Stone Magazine” that he was receiving death threats and a lot of negative backlash for creating the masks. The thing is it’s not from people who DISLIKE Manson, it’s from people who actually DO like him. They say that the masks are disrespectful  to him.

Ummm ok….

I don’t know anyone who would want masks like these, but I guess there’s a market for everything. Check out the video posts and let us know what you think about this.

Video Source – TMZ

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