Could It Be Ghosts? The Mystery Spot NASA Scientists And Tesla Engineers Can Explain

There’s a location in Northern California in the Santa Cruz Mountains that a man by the name of George Prather warned NEVER TO BUILD AT.


Pool balls roll uphill, your height changes while walking on level surfaces and the location doesn’t seem to obey the laws of gravity. The crazy part is that NASA scientists and even Tesla engineers can’t explain what’s going on there.

The theory is that it’s sort of an optical illusion of sorts. Others say it’s a physical illusion and others say it’s ghosts. The odd part is the cabin that’s built there looks like it’s going to slide down a hill. But when experts try to debunk all the theories, more questions start to spring up. It’s a phenomenon that has happened in a few other locations around the world.

It all started in 1938 when a man by the name of George Prather wanted to purchase the land where the parking lot for the mystery spot is at now.  The lumber company that had owned the land at the time made him a deal that he could purchase the land if he bought the hillside next to it. He built a cabin 80 years ago and it’s still there.

A lot of people complain of feeling dizzy or disoriented when they are at the location. Others have had bad cases of extreme vertigo. Some simply can’t be in the cabin at all, they end up getting all frustrated and feeling strange and have to leave.

Whatever the case may be this is one place that will stay a mystery for a very long time! Want to check out this place, see their site here > MYSTERY SPOT

Video Source – Sumagang Productions

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