A Creepy Encounter With Shadow People

Could The Shadow People Actually Be Real?

You’ve probably heard of the shadow people at one point in time or another. They are supposedly ghosts or entities that look like people but are seen as shadows or masses. Throughout history there have been stories of such entities appearing in various locations,most of the time they don’t do anything and vanish before you can react. However there are those times of reports where these beings take a rather menacing form. 

Like in this video that we found…

A Creepy Encounter With Shadow People 

Video Source – Suzanne Stratford

So what are they, are they ghosts or are they something else? Some say they’re inter dimensional beings that are drawn to haunted locations. They gravitate to areas where tragedy has struck, however others say they’re something else far darker and mysterious. 

Could they actually be life forms from another reality that mirrors our own? How crazy would it be if there was another reality that gets tangled up with ours. Could these beings create bad things to happen, or just feed off the dark energy from these places?

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