Anyone Who Takes Something From This Old Western Ghost Town Will Be Cursed

The cursed town of Bodie California

The Golden Curse

The cursed town of Bodie California got its start during the gold rush, a man by the name of William Bodey discovered a mine full of gold near a place called Bodie Bluff. He planned on creating a town around the mine but tragically froze to death before he could see his vision of a town created.

Some say that it was this that spun off the curse of the town full of gold. Bodie grew as more and more people came to find riches, but so did the problems. The winters were harsh and very unforgiving but people died just because of the weather, there was also a severe lack of food and supplies which made things even worse.

Nelson Ghost Town

The town became a hotbed for criminal activity, and those who were fortunate enough to find gold were usually killed by the outlaws. The town eventually became so bad that people were afraid to even visit. Eventually the mines ran dry and the people left, the only thing that was left was a shell of a former town and the ghosts that still remain. 

Check out the video of this cursed town… 

Check out the video on this haunted and cursed town!

SOURCE – William Defalco 

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