D.I.Y. Creepy Halloween Nail Designs

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It’s almost that time of the year where the spooky things creep out from behind the shadows. It’s also the time of the year we get to dress up our homes and apartments, and ourselves. Today we will be looking at some really cool and creepy Halloween nail designs.

Some of these will be rather easy, and some not so easy. It just depends on how are artistic you are, or if you know someone who can do this. The cool thing is there are so many ideas in this one post, you’ll have enough nail projects for the entire Halloween season.

We will also be showcasing more videos, so if you have a tutorial we would like to showcase, or maybe you know of a really good one. Send it to us at [email protected] or leave us a message in the comments.

For now enjoy the tutorials we found, the 3 we found are from the following Youtube channels – ModernWorld,

Video Source ModernWorld

Video source – Natalie Mudgridge Nail Artist

Video Source – Beauty Plus

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