Ghost Threatens To Kill Paranormal Investigator

Ghost Threatens To Kill Paranormal Investigator

Would YOU Leave If A Ghost Threatened You?

Can Private Investigators Be Charge...
Can Private Investigators Be Charged with Stalking?

Now there’s been a lot of speculation as to if paranormal investigation equipment is effect or not. Some people say that the tools that paranormal investigators use is nothing more than a bunch of nonsense made to look like it works, especially spirit boxes.

Supposedly ghosts are able to communicate through some frequency and share words thorough this device through a sequence of loops. Now while many say that it DOES work, and that it can be a spiritual connection between the living and the dead, there are many who say there’s no proof.

Now if I go into a place and I use a device like this and I have my life threatened, I think it would be time to wrap it up and take off. Now you have to think of it from the perspective of these ghosts, you’re trapped in a place where you lost your life and some people come in bothering you.

What would you say or do?

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Source – Believe A Paranormal Experience


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