Delusion – Inside The Interactive Horror Experience Of a Lifetime

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Delusion takes you into world like none other. First premiered in 2011, Delusion takes theater to a whole new level by creating an experience like none other. The interactive experience incorporates the audience into their story as characters.

Wait what?

Yup you heard that right, the audience becomes part of the show, so you’re not just sitting around in a theater watching a show, you’re actually part of it! The show is full of insane stunts, awesome FX and makeup, and amazing actors that help guide you along the way.

As part of the show you will help perform actions, solve mysteries, choose your own paths, and perhaps take one for the team so that the rest of your team successfully gets through.  The even it is a 13+ and is an experience you’ll never forget. If you’re interested in the event, you still have time to visit. They are running it through March 17th. Check out their site here > DELUSION

Check out the video below by Los Angeles Times showcasing one of their past events

Video Source Los Angeles Times

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