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Demon House – Monroe Indiana

There are  tons of houses all across the world that are supposedly haunted, some are surrounded by stories of ghostly voices and the occasional tap or whisper. Then there are houses like this that are far more sinister, the things that happen in houses like this are the ones that movies are made about. 

Imagine being a prisoner in your own home, imagine not being able to watch television with your family or lay down in your own bed without worrying about being attacked by something that you can't see. Most of us if not all of us have some kind of fear for the things that we CAN see, but what about the forces that aren't supposed to exist, the ones that are seen as "something from a movie"? 

Well Indiana is know for not 1 but 2 of those types of places. The first house is in Gary Indiana, it's the house that was bought by the guy from Ghost Adventures for his new demon documentary. 

You can check out that post here >>>> GARY INDIANA HAUNTED HOME

Not much is actually KNOWN about this house but what is known that the house was build in the late 1800's, the house has suffered a few different fires, and what is known is that some people died in those fires. 

The house has been owned by NUMEROUS families and the house has had a TON of different history behind it. Some of the darker history behind this house has been said to do with Satanic rituals, demonic possessions, Ouija board possessions, and much more. 

Check out this video of a paranormal team doing an investigation of this house!

Do you believe this house is haunted?

Would you stay the night in this house?

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25 thoughts on “The Demonic Monroe House – Hartford City Indiana”
  1. One thing I hate about these shows is the end result. The children's souls are still trapped in there!!!! Ratings are good so why bother,right? No!!!!!!!!! They need released and the bible and the bibles God is not going to help. Those are only tools for a false sense of security by the user of the tools. The person answering has to answer your questions kinda like a evil genie. The girl and boy are probably buried in that mound in the crawl space. He has to show you were and he did. The little girl grab the one guys had and said its me. He should of went with that and talked to her more and follow. People do these investigations and get the trapped spirits hopes up then leave. If they want me to go with them there I will. The pendant and necklace mean nothing they are still trapped

    1. they don't care as long as it makes good t.v. and puts money in the bank,  it's just an entertainment program   … that's why it's televised.  Also those poor children are there 24/7  .. NOT from midnight,  it's all just for effect.


    2. Remeber, just because it sounds like a child does not mean its a child. Most spirits that sound like children tend to be malevolent. Some investigators don't believe that children stay as spirits. I don't claim to know but…anyways. Something to think about.


      1. I agree with you. I watched the episode with Paranormal Lockdown and wondered what happend to the boes,etc.Guess we won’t know.

  2. This is in Hartford City. It’s called the Monroe House, it’s not in Monroe indiana. I’ve investigated it

  3. It's a block down the road from the old jail (which is haunted too) on Monroe St. It's also right across from an old church that has been abandoned for years until a family recently bought the old church and the live there now.

  4. The location is 218 N. Monroe St. I owned and resided in this house from 1989 to 2001. Never experienced anything remotely demonic or evil. Never felt scared or threatened. As far as I know there was one fire and no fatality in said fire. The accompanying picture is NOT the correct house. 



      1. Hi Chris, the Police was contacted about the case. But they did not want anything to do with the house or case.  When the house was first investigated they had another team come in. To investigate to see what they could find and document. Do to the stuff the new owners were experiencing in the home on a remodel. The owners hired contractors to come in to do work on the house. And they would end up just leaving and leaving their stuff in home.  We was called out to try to document more about the house. To try to get more answers about the home and what was taken place in the home. The owners was trying to get answers and trying to put all the pieces together. But they couldn't get any help from the Police, after they had some evidence to share with them. So the only thing the owners could do was to have more Investigators come in. To investigate and to get the evidence back from the investigation. And take all of the information and try to put it all together. To find out what happened in the home. The house is called The Monroe House on Facebook, it's in Hartford City Indiana,


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  6. Right before the mention of smelling sulfur…  I smelled it. I'm an empathy, but something like that has never happened before.

    1. Empath you're an empath not empathy…..maybe some studying is in order…..just friendly advice from an old empath.  Good luck!

    2. I think that you mean that you are an empath who feels empathy.  An empathy is a feeling, and feelings do not use computers without a body.  The body has fingers attached for it to use its brain and thus direct the body to type words into a computer.  If you were really an empathy, you would not have a human body.  Just saying…

  7. My aunt lives right across the street from this house she has set up all nite watching the house and nothin had happen in it yes they found bones but that's not the first house they have found bones in…

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