Denver Airport

Denver Airport

If you’ve ever been to the Denver airport you probably didn’t notice anything strange at all. It’s not until you really look at things like certain landmarks and objects up close that it start to make you scratch your head.

For years now the Denver airport has been surrounded in mystery and speculation for more than just a couple of reasons. For one there are rumors that there’s a secret base that’s under that airport, and that the airport was built there because of this base.

Could it have been a plan that was throughout when they built this supposed base? There are also some pretty strange murals that decorate the airport in which no one can really understand.

The type of murals they have aren’t really appropriate for an airport, I mean who really wants to see death and destruction inside of a place they’re about to take a plane from?

The other thing is the odd shape of the airport itself, it serves no real purpose at all and from the sky it looks like a giant swastika. What’s really going on within the walls of this place, and why are there so many mystery’s surrounding it?

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